• 90% Program Services
  • 5% Management & General
  • 5% Fundraising


  • About 25% Hunger/Nutrition/Food
    Sheltering/ Emergencies/ Clean Water/ Child Protection
  • About 25% Clothing/
    Health/Disease’s Prevention, treatment, Medications, counseling, support, wellness.
  • About 50% Education, Trainings


  • Mostly Africa
  • United States
  • Anywhere Else in the world

The MumzyCRF’s mission is to seek out the world’s most desperate & destitute children (or people) and help them fight hunger, prevent malnutrition and improve their lives.
Mumzy, the founder, has been helping children & volunteering in nonprofit organizations almost 2 decades.
Africa: She has been traveling to Africa and meeting the children and helping them (school tuitions and fees,, food, clothes, constructions, school benches, beddings, first-aid meds…)
USA: She has been trying to help poor and desperate people of towns like Pembroke Township & Hopkins Park IL. It’s hard to be in a place with no way out…

If you follow MumzyCRF’s activities, you’ll get an insight into a different world.
A world where childcare is a privilege and a gift, where you can change the lives of people and children by giving a small gift. Even if it’s a used outfit, a meal, a dollar or a hug, it means the world to some of them.
People are dying of extreme poverty and diseases, or due to political instabilities, alcoholism or drug abuse, leaving many vulnerable orphans with no family to turn to, and nowhere else to go.
The Orphanages that we help are the home of many suffering children as old as 18 years and as young as newborn babies. Most of the children are in need of everything. Food, educational support, love, the care & mental stimulation that all children need to develop healthy social skills, hope and self-confidence.

In Africa, hunger is constant & chronic. We mostly help in Cameroon, to villages where children need emergency food assistance and primary care to survive. The Lack of clean water and sanitation are causing as much problems as starvation does. Our priority is to reach children who are severely malnourished and most susceptible to diseases such as measles, malaria and cholera.

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Millions of children around the world live in poverty without the basic necessities that so many take for granted. My mission is to seek out the world’s most desperate & destitute children (or people) and help them fight hunger, prevent malnutrition, get an education, better shelter/clothes and improve their lives.


– To bring HOPE to those who need it most
– To help underprivileged children have a better Future with access to EDUCATION & FOOD.
– To become personal advocates for children in need throughout the world. No effort is too small or too large to make a difference in their lives.


– Education First! Kids must go to school!
– Starvation, malnutrition & illiteracy should end. There shouldn’t be such things in our world today but unfortunately, hunger is still constant & chronic in many cities.
– We mostly help in Cameroon (Africa) in villages where children need emergency food assistance & primary care to SURVIVE. The lack of CLEAN WATER and sanitation are causing more problems than Starvation does.

What sets us apart from our competitors

Also the fact that we only help the most destitute and vulnerable children, the poorest among the poor, kids who are orphaned, abandoned, lonely, sick, forgotten, neglected and without hope.
– Is the fact that our founder & executive director is also a certified health and wellness coach. That the kids overall health is her top priority and she coaches everyone in our Orphanages to adopt long lasting good habits that will secure their physical and mental health.

Care about people to transforming their lives and
exudes a positive Impression to believe.