MumzyCRF is a charities you can count on, to constantly do whatever it takes, to go to the most remote and depraved areas in Africa, USA and around the world, to reach out to the most destitute, desperate & forgotten people, and to never cease to find ways to connect with people like you who share our commitment to children.

Here at Mumzycrf, our goal is to make sure no kid get neglected in hunger and disease.
We have proof that kids who have enough to eat perform better in school and in life than those who do not eat enough.
Thanks to generous contributions like yours, we have fed and helped many children since our programs started. And last year we were able to pay the schools fees and tuition for over half of our orphans. Many are still home unable to afford and attend school.

Health wise, Mumzycrf has been Combatting Malnutrition at both ends around the world, especially in Africa & in USA. Helping the DEPRIVED kids to get enough/better food and helping the OBESE children understand how and what to eat and why.

Every kids deserves to be fed, clothed, sheltered, educated and loved