Here’s a Great Opportunity to a Great Investment!

Written by Albertine Scray

June 9, 2022

I am looking for someone who can invest the smallest amount of money to make a HUGE LIFETIME IMPACT that’ll change and save the lives of many children.

An investment of as little as $10.

The tuition of the children I help is $10/child/year and yet the majority can’t afford it and many of them are currently illiterate.

The goal here is NOT to give them gifts or to save them from the painful & dangerous lifestyle of extreme poverty. The goal is to empower them enough so they have the ability to save themselves from the desperate and miserable conditions in which they are currently stuck.

Please can you invest $10 and save one child?

In September, we’re sending 3500 children to school. Children who wouldn’t go if we don’t help. (We’re also helping with school supplies, reopening and fixing schools, teachers’ salaries, water filters for clean water, first aid medicines, a small meal at school is rice+beans

Follow our activities. We’re a 501c Tax-exempt nonprofit. We work boots on the ground and take pictures & videos of our activities. You’ll get to see the miracles that you allow in their lives.

Thank you so much.

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