Let’s Also Make 2021/22 Possible?

Written by Albertine Scray

July 7, 2021

Mbiede is one of our 9 schools in the extremely poor #communities where we help in Cameroon.
To get this #school in a good enough shape to run for 2021/22, we need about $4000 which could take care of up to 200 students, including all the teachers’ salaries for the year and the school supplies & equipment.

This year will be the 4th in a raw that we sponsor this school since we reopened it we only 36 children able to attend at that time 3 years ago.

We’ve been trying our best to make education free and accessible to most children in the most destitute communities.

Please join in with a donation. Remember that it takes only $10 to give a gift of #education for 1 full year to a child in Mbiede.

Click on our linkedin or nn our website for all the multiple options to #DONATE; click here Donate through Our Website or Mumzy Linktree.

PS: in the near future, we’re planning to build a brand-new school in Mbiede as soon as we finish the elementary school of Mang which is now under construction.

Click here to watch the video taken in 2019. Sorry for poor quality. Btw in this region there is no electricity, no clean water, no medical center, access is very challenging because of no good roads… almost everything is lacking.

Coming soon, videos with our students on premises.

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