Meeting my first Kenyan Babies ❤️!

Maasai Children Kenya with Mumzy

Written by Albertine Scray

August 17, 2021

June 6th 2021! Here on my way to spend my first quality time with my very first children in Kenya. I was excited as a mother about to deliver multiple babies. We had already connected be not spend time together yet! My family was with me and the excitement was just beautiful, this was one of the BEST day of the trip.

This video is Here – our arrival to the New Hope Orphanage Please like and share our posts and if possible donate. Our children’s tuition is $1/day or $20/month.

Maasai Community Children - Mumzy in Kenya

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June 26th, 2021. Our Foundation Just Adopted a few hundred children living in poverty in Kenya 🇰🇪!! I am a very happy Mumzy! We now have over 3000 children in USA and Africa.

Our Priorities: Education, Medical Care, Clean Water, Nutritious Food..

June 2021, Mumzys Children Relief Foundation has been distributing 2 water filters in Kenya to extremely poor communities, orphanages, schools Watch our Video .

Mumzy in Kenya Maasai Community
Water filters donated by Sukhi 222 organization

The filters are a donation of Sukhi 222 an amazing organization where Mumzy is a Director Of their board, and that share the same mission as MumzyCRF, which is to eradicate extreme poverty in the world.

We’re also distributing solar lights, school supplies and staple food.

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