MumzyCRF’S First School

MumzyCRF’S First School

Written by Albertine Scray

April 10, 2021

This is MumzyCRF’s first school, The Scrays Of Mang, which opened in September 2019. We’re in session even as we’re building one classroom per year until the school will be completed.

I visited every classroom for a couple of hours, weekly, while I was there on February 2021.
We also have a boarding school on campus and we shelter half of our students 5 days per week. We provide EVERYTHING; clothing, bedding, food, meds… (we need clothing & shoes & everything)
Our school now has 4 grades total: Pre-K, Kindergarten, First grade and Second grade.

Next year we’re preparing for Third grade and we need to finish building the classroom for our oldest students. Any donation will go a long way! Thank you!

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