How You Can Help

You can help MumzyCRF in many ways:

1-Donate Clothes & Books:
Many children that we help don’t have basic necessities. Lightly used or new stuff can make a big difference in their life.
Example of the things MumzyCRF accepts for donations:
– School supplies
– Gifts for the holidays
– Shoes
– Coats, sweaters, winter clothing
– Musical instruments
– Toys
– Bedding

2-Sponsor a poor kid:
Worldwide, about 400 million children live in extreme poverty. With a small monthly donation, you can help one child pay for food, school, medicine, and clothes.
MumzyCRF can help you sponsor a child, both at home and abroad. You’re money will help us reach out to more poor children, and provide them with the following:
– school tuition & fees,
– school supplies,
– clothes,
– food,
– Medical care,
– shelter,
– clean water,
– mosquitoes nets,
– support of orphanages.

3- Publicize and advertise your sponsorship and MumzyCRF’s cause.
Please, encourage your family & friends to donate as well as you do. When they chip in, your money will have a larger impact. Share us on social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), on Blogs, Videos and your personal websites.

4- Another Great way to help MumzyCRF is through fund raising for children.
You can sell something and give the proceeds to MumzyCRF. It can be at school, at your house, or at a public event. Advertise your sale as a charity benefit. People buy for good causes.

5- find us, donate, help and share us on EBay, PayPal, GoFundMe, Facebook, Twitter…