Founder & CEO

Please allow me to introduce myself;

I am Albertine Scray, Aka Mumzy and I am the Founder & CEO of Mumzy Children Relief Foundation, an IL501(c) charitable organization committed to helping the poorest of the poor by fighting illiteracy, hunger and disease for children, both here in the USA and in Africa.

Philanthropist | Impact Investor | Wife & Mother | Entrepreneur Master Life Coach | World Traveler

Mumzy Founder & CEO

What Motivates Me

I have chosen to follow this particular path and I am realizing my destiny. I believe that my life was arranged for me, a long time ago, but it’s not unfolding in the way I thought it would when I was 9 years old, right after taking my first communion, when I wanted to become a nun and joined the convent. But that hardly matters because in essence, in its form, I am following the same mission. To help the children, the homeless, the disabled, the sick, the elder, the poor.

I feel this need and get great satisfaction from helping people. I started with my first experiences in the church and I’m still associated with church but this has taken a different path for me. I did not take religious vows, but I’m still fulfilling my need to help people and to serve the less fortunate which is still the best part of the Catholic mission.

In my own interpretation, my own way to help those who are underserved is by becoming like a VESSEL for good. A bridge between those who desperately need help and those who can ‘and would’ donate their time or resources, so that everyone can have their basic human needs met and poor children can also get a chance to a decent future and a good education.

I want to do the loving work of God, the great and genuine work of LOVE and empowerment of the most vulnerable ones in our societies. And the way I can do this best is with the support and partnership of ANY institution and ANY individuals from ANY country in the WORLD, Who believe that, in a short period of time, we can successfully eradicate CHILD-POVERTY And Extreme Poverty.

This ISN’T A HOBBY or a temporary occupation in my life. This IS MY MISSION. I wake up each day and figure out how I’m going to put some energy into helping somebody out. Especially a poor or disabled child.


As the founder & CEO, I have had great accomplishments!
In Illinois, I have already helped over 400 people (mostly children).
In Cameroon, I serve in almost 20 villages, I am building a school in a village that never had a school before, I reopened 4 schools and I am paying all tuitions and all PTA’s teachers in 10 elementary schools and 1 kindergarten, I take care of 4 orphanages in the cities, of many families living in the worst condition/location and I provide school supplies and food to thousands of extremely poor children.

At least once a year, I sponsor and I personally participate in a ASCOVIME health campaign that brings a mobile hospital in the jungle to treat 1200+ people in one weekend, free of charge… I am very grateful of all donors of our foundation that we proudly call the “Givers Of Hope”


Even though my foundation’s impact is amazing, I am only solving about 10% of the problems. In the communities where I serve, all the basic human needs are lacking and the level of poverty is overwhelming; nevertheless, this is what we can the table to facilitate our benefactor’s efforts.

  • We have a great team on the ground in Cameroon but We need experts to teach and run more programs in the schools and communities
  • We need people who can help me raise funding from the right sources, the right donors (corporations individuals governments, impact investors, etc.)
  • I want to expand my coffee operation from one that sources and sells a few hundreds of bags at the time to one that sources and sells over ten thousands of bags at the time


Hard-working & proud communities, ready to work and to get themselves out of extreme poverty.

  • Over 500 acres of land, to plant coffee, cocoa, pistachios, plantains etc. Half of our lands is virgin forests, gorgeous jungle that we want to preserve and protect. We have some of the tallest, rarest, most gorgeous trees that are becoming rare to find anywhere in the world.
  • Coffee farms, and a store that also sells online at All profits go to help poor children. Our coffee is unique, extremely high quality and comparable to the finest coffees available anywhere in the world.
  • A lot of sun! Solar power will be easily effective

Please help me find a way to grow this foundation so that it becomes the symbol of The END of extreme poverty and of CHILD POVERTY.

With Love & Gratitude,

Albertine F. Scray (Mumzy)

MUMZY Biography

1. Philanthropist

Founder & CEO of the Mumzy Children Relief Foundation (MumzyCRF) a 501C(3) Organization
SERVING Children & Communities Living In Extreme Poverty, In Africa & USA, So That They Can Be Provided With Basic Human Needs.

We Help Through

📍 EMPOWERMENT: Financial assistance,

📍 FOOD distribution

📍 EDUCATION: Construction of SCHOOLS; Supplies & TEACHER

📍 Regular SUPPORT to orphans, homeless, disabled, elders

📍 Health Campaigns w/ MOBILE HOSPITAL to treat thousands for FREE

📍 MENTORING programs to help communities SELF-SUSTAIN 👉AGRICULTURAL projects. We own 500+ ACRES of land.

2. Entrepreneur

Certified Life & Health Coach. I run a practice, in-person & remote services, in Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Peoria & Bloomington.
Focus: mindfulness, lifestyle habits, relationships, health & career
Learn more: 🚀

3. Impact Investor

Owner of Mumzys African Coffee. An organization dedicated to bringing rich & exotic coffee from Africa to coffee connoisseur in the USA.

Visit our Stores:

☕️ Our Coffee is produced by agro-artisans who are relishing the opportunity to participate in this wonderful project of presenting to the rest of the world the gourmet coffee beans from the richest high-altitude lands of Cameroon.

☕️ The work methods & treatments of everyone involved are ideal with fair compensation. Product-Quality-Environment-Friendly.

☕️ 💯 Profits go to MumzyCRF

4. World Traveller

I’m a US citizen🇺🇸 Was born in Cameroon🇨🇲. Always learning & discovering. So far, I’ve visited the following countries

🇫🇷  🇨🇦  🇲🇽  🇯🇵  🇰🇷  🇩🇪  🇳🇱  🇮🇹  🇪🇸  🇧🇪  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮  🇻🇦  🇵🇷  🇩🇴  🇱🇨  🇧🇸  🇸🇽  🇦🇬  🇧🇲 🇰🇳  🇨🇬  🇹🇩  🇨🇮

I Speak French, English, 4 African Dialects & Some Spanish.

5. Wife & Mother

In love with a wonderful husband, I’m a biological mother of 3, stepmother of 4, mother-figure of thousands.


  1. It costs $10 to send 1 child to school for a full year.
  2. How many children do you want to sponsor?
  3. Our GOAL: To send 10,000 children to school.


We currently serve in 18 villages, 11 schools & 26 teachers (2 teachers/school)

  • ADD at least 1 TEACHER & 1 classroom per school
  • SCHOOL supplies
  • Community projects
  • FEED the orphans ($0.5/Kid/Day)
  • Dig 1 pump-well/school 4 CLEAN WATER
  • Sponsor our annual mobile hospital (We treat 1200 to 1500)
  • SOLAR POWER -To reduce the destruction of forests