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Our foundation will do whatever it takes to reach out to the most destitute, desperate & forgotten people. We are always encouraged when we connect with people like you who share our commitment to children.

1. Education

Quality Education is a basic human need for all children worldwide! Yet many don’t go to school for various reasons: Extreme poverty, Diseases, because they are girls, have disabilities or they live in war zones, or there just aren’t any schools in their villages…

MumzyCRF’s Ultimate GOAL is to help 100,000 poor children get quality education! So far in 2020/21, we were able to pay tuition for 3140 children living in extreme poverty. We’re seeking to increase these numbers with your help.

In one region in Cameroon, we currently have at least 10,000 children who are out of school.

BTW: The cost of educating a child for an entire year is only $10. Your $10 goes a long way. Consider, that’s about the price of a premium cup of coffee.

Many schools don’t have enough classroom. Usually only 2. They park 3-grade levels in the same classroom and each elementary school has only 1 or 2 teachers. Schools don’t even have desks or equipment.

“Few facts according to UNICEF :
– In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 95 million students don’t have a desk and worldwide the figure is estimated at over 400 million.
– The lack of qualified teachers leaves 1/5 children who attend primary school in sub-Saharan Africa unable to read or write by the time they leave.”

In the villages of Cameroon where MumzyCRF serves, there are no toilets. Kids do their business right behind the classroom wherever on the ground… Many adolescent girls, especially those who are menstruating, don’t come to school because of a lack of privacy,

mumzy education programs
education mumzy

unavailability of sanitary facilities, lack of feminine pads and the absence of water. There is also a risk of sexual assaults since there is no privacy.

The 11 elementary schools that we have reopened and are helping are getting more students because we are slowly addressing these issues as much as our funds permit.

Since 2018, MumzyCRF has been building a school in a village where there has never been any school facility before. “ECOLE MATERNELLE ET ÉLÉMENTAIRE LES SCRAYS DE MANG”

Because of the lack of funds, we’re building only one classroom per year, and we feel it up as we go… We’ve been in session since Day one!
Today, 3 years later, with only a pre-K, a kindergarten, a 1st & 2nd grade available in our school, we’re already the most populous school in the region! Everyone wants to come to our school because it’s by far the best option for them.

In its annual State of the World’s Children report, UNICEF says

121 million children worldwide do not attend school

9 million more girls than boys.

An estimated 65 million girls are being denied basic education, increasing the likelihood they will live in poverty or die young.”

Support our projects by giving Education to poor children and especially little girls! Please donate $10 today, it pays for a school year for 1 poor child. Thank you.

In 2022, We Now Have…

4 orphanages in Cameroon and present in 29 villages, 8 orphanages in Kenya and support 1 community in Kenya: The Maasai – We started the BEEKEEPING farm with the Maasai in Mara.


Teachers On Payroll

Students +

Orphanages in Kenya+

food and nutrition

2. Food and Nutrition

Worldwide, there are 400 million children living in extreme poverty. Poverty is the main reason kids don’t have enough food to eat.

In USA, where there is no excuse for children to go hungry, 1 in 6 children faces hunger and 1 in 4 children around the world face hunger daily.

In Africa, hunger is constant & chronic. MumzyCRF mostly helps in villages where children need emergency food assistance to survive and stay in school without dropping out due to lack of energy from hunger.

BTW: The lack or CLEAN WATER and sanitation causes as much problems as the starvation crisis.

We all know that the world can produce & provide enough food for every person on earth!
If most people could DONATE a small amount every month, we could save lives and create a world where no child goes to bed starving.

At MumzyCRF, we’re doing all we can to fight malnutrition in USA and in Africa. But we’re not succeeding without your help and support.

You don’t have to donate your money directly, please consider giving up a Starbucks or a snack, maybe a haircut… You could skip going out to eat, or to the movies, or a manicure… Give up something that can be skipped even just once, without it being a huge deal. And donate the cost of it to a hungry child. Do not worry about giving enough, just give whatever you can.

Remember that a half dollar, just $0.50 cents is enough to feed one extremely poor child for a day.

We currently have over 400 children in our orphanages we feed daily. It’s a minimum cost of $200/day. ($0.50 cents/Child)

Please donate today and if possible, become a monthly donor.

Mumzy African Coffee & Exotic Foods.

To help the extremely poor communities where we serve, we mentor them in various projects including encouraging the villagers to plant products such as coffee, cocoa, pistachio, okra, hot peppers, potatoes and plantains.
Our foundation helps the communities in bringing their produce to the marketplace or bringing the buyers and investors to them in the jungle.

MumzyCRF also owns 500+ acres of land ready for sustainable development and some of our land is currently used for various agricultural and farming projects which after few years of hard-working, will help us raise the living standards of our villages (clean water, electricity) and build more schools.

Our biggest project is buying Coffee from local farmers at a good price and reselling it in USA under our private label “MUMZYS AFRICAN COFFEE” and 100% of the benefits go back to MumzyCRF, mainly to promote quality education for all children.

Our coffee is unique, has extremely high quality and is comparable to the finest coffees available anywhere in the world. The reason for this is that Cameroon has lots of volcanoes high altitude soil and has a lot of farmers that are seeking to sell their products.

We need help to scale up our operations. Our founder, Mumzy, has good sources and connections in the country. She has good relationships with local authorities and understands how to navigate business and government climate.

Mumzy wants to expand her operation from one that sources and sells a few hundreds of bags at the time to one that sources and sells over ten thousand of bags at the time.

Please contact us to learn more.

3. Our Mobile Hospital

We sponsor, at least once a year, a full-service Mobile Hospital ASCOVIME that travels all the way into the jungle.

ASCOVIME provides a skilled team of volunteers doctors & staff who provide the following services FREE of charge:

  • Consultations,
  • Surgeries,
  • Dental,
  • Ophthalmology,
  • Testing,
  • Vaccination

ASCOVIME Is lead by the renowned Dr GEORGES BWELLE who is the recipient of The 2013 CNN Hero Award, finishing in the Top10. (ascovime.org)

Our mobile campaign is the only chance a villager often gets to see a doctor.

Mumzy Mobile Health

In this vast region of 17+ villages, there is no hospital, clinic or health center.


  • A Mobile Campaign to treat 1500 People cost about $24,000. Which is an average cost of $16/Patient.
  • Cost comprises medicines and equipment, shipping and transportation from (the USA to the jungle).
  • We show up with 30+ people, tents, medical equipment (diagnostic, sonograms…)
  • Room & board and personal costs for the non-volunteers (most are volunteers)
  • Electric generators & gasoline, containers of clean water.
  • Surgeries room equipment.
  • Anything that can be used in a hospital.

In 2021, unfortunately, we skipped the mobile hospital for the first time in the last 4 years. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let’s CATCH UP in 2022. Our next Health campaign is scheduled for February 2022.


We receive donations of money, medicines, medical supplies and skilled expertise (doctors and staff who volunteers)

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