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September Activation Mumzy

Written by Albertine Scray

October 5, 2021

On September 30th, 2021 MumzyCRF distributed 600+ school bags & multiple supplies & books to children & communities from 6 schools and 17 villages in the Nyakokombo, Cameroon! Please watch the Cameroon National Television CRTV as they reported the happy event.

I am very grateful for all the Administrative Authorities who showed up at out 2021/22 Back2School Event, most importantly the representative of the President, Mr. Sous-Prefet, Chef Des Terre of Nyakokombo. I am also grateful for The Representative of Our Bishop & Chief of Catholic Education In Cameroon, mar Inspector of Public & Private Education of The Arrondissement of Nyakokombo, Mr. Commandant De Brigade, Commander of Forestry. All The 9 Traditional Chiefs, The Medical Executives and so many more!

Donations For Sept Mumzy Children Relief Foundation
Donations For Sept Mumzy Children Relief Foundation

This Event was AWESOME and all children of the 6 schools (out of 11 schools) sponsored by my foundation got all their school supplies. We’re hoping for a SUCCESSFUL YEAR!! What a great start!!

Donations For Sept Mumzy Children Relief Foundation

I believe that every human being, especially children, should have access to a decent education, regardless of where they were born. It a basic human needs & a human right!

Extreme poverty should and CAN easily be eradicated if only we all decided to fight it together.

PS: I’ll post the documentary from the Cameroon’s journalists very soon.

I am very a happy mother of 3000+ children living mostly in extreme poverty 💝


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