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I’ve seen the work and dedication this foundation puts forward to achieve its goals of helping children in need. It’s an amazing foundation you can trust with your donations to reach those children that are less fortunate. I support this foundation and applaud them for all the amazing work they have done so far.

One thing I can say about Mumzy is her absolute dedication to bringing the basics (food, clothing, books) to desperately poor children in the depths of Africa and incredibly poor areas here in America many of us would not dare to go to. She’s hands-on, dedicated and passionate about it.

This woman is passionate about these children and believes wholeheartedly that by providing an education that she is transforming their lives, giving them power to change their world. She gives of herself, her time and her own resources sacrificially and with sincere motives. Thank you Mumzy for the work that you do. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to send support where I believe it is making a huge difference

Mumzy is so passionate about this and puts so much time and energy into giving to others! I wish nothing but the best for her and the Children Relief Foundation- they are going to do big things!

You can’t find anyone more passionate about educating the children in her foundation! She is transforming lives by empowering these children to change their lives with the gift of knowledge. I am blessed to know her and inspired by her mission. It is not easy work but she is accomplishing AMAZING things!! I am very particular about the organizations I support and I am grateful to have the opportunity to support someone I know who is making a huge difference in so many lives. 💞

Great foundation to the benefit of the needy kids in rural areas the founder is good hearted, caring and dynamic. those are the key attributes needed for a foundation like that to deliver on their mandates I wish to congratulate you on the wonderful achievements in Cameroon.
keep up the good work. May God gives you further courage and strength to continue what you do and may the recipients of your wonderful initiative be abundantly blessed

Outstanding work done on behalf of the needy with a wonderful heart. The video and others materials posted on the site speak for themselves as well as the dedication Mumzys is exhibiting with GOD driven helping hands

These children need more assistance! I appreciate the work you are doing for these vulnerable children.

Mumzys Children Relief Foundation is an amazing foundation that is changing the world for the better. I am amazed at the mission of this organisation. I attended an event where the charity was explained and many of the incredible missions the organisation carry out so that the most vulnerable and isolated children of the world have access to their basic needs, were shared. I was shocked at the good she is doing even when it requires risking her own life. Truly a unique and worthy charity. Mumzy is an amazing person. What she does for the unfortunate is a blessing. I support her 100%.

Mumzy is such a passionate and kind woman who pours out her heart to anyone in need. She started this foundation to make sure that all the donations go to the children and the needy. She truly cares about people. We have been supporting her and will continue to do so. If you can’t feed a hundred people then just feed one. We should help her any little bit we can because Mumzy is literally feeding hundreds as well as starting up schools again! Mumzy keep up your life-changing efforts!

Je recommande vivement Mumzys Children Relief Foundation car c’est une association à bien des égards qui aide les enfants les plus démunis des contrées les plus reculées au Cameroun. Sa représentante Albertine Scray est une brave dame dotée d’une grande capacité d’empathie. Elle est très courageuse . L’association mérite qu’on s’y attarde pour constater tout le soutien qu’elle apporte aux pauvres populations.

je recommande la mumzy s fondation par ce que c est une fondation humataire qui au dela d’apporter soin confort amour aux enfants s investie egalement dans la motivation le devenir et l accompagnement des populations défavorisées afin d’ améliorer leurs conditions de vie la mumzy est une femme forte et courageuse avec un grand coeur moi je la soutien dans cet oeuvre et je vous la recommande absolument car c est formidable tout ce qu elle arrive a faire sur le terrain avec tres peu de moyens c est la voix des sans voix !!!! Que la main de Dieu y veille toujour et a jamais 🙏🙏
Oui je donnerais toute les etoiles du ciel pour la mumzys children Relief foundation❤