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The Mumzy’s CRF’s mission is to seek out the world’s most desperate & destitute children (or people) and help them fight hunger, prevent malnutrition and improve their lives. Albertine Scray, the founder, has been helping children & volunteering in non-profit organizations for almost two decades.


In the USA

MumzyCRF Works in ILLINOIS and mostly in PEMBROKE Township.

According to the latest census data, 1.7 million people in Illinois live in poverty and over 784,000 of them are living in extreme poverty.

One of the worst-hit towns in IL is Pembroke, Illinois, a rural township of about 3,000 people Located 70 miles south of Chicago, right by the Indiana border.


Why Do MumzyCRF

Support Children Around The World Who Are Affected By Poverty?

I travel the world and I have seen children, who go to bed every night hungry, cold, sick, afraid, tired, crying, lonely and hopeless. Children who wake up in the morning trying to figure out how they will survive.

Please, make a DONATION to give a child a chance to a normal childhood, to develop physically, socially and emotionally.


Ways to Support MumzyCRF

  • Make An Occasional Donation
  • Make A Monthly Donation
  • Buy Mumzys Coffee
  • Send A Gift (ex. Clothes, Meds, Books..)
  • Start A Fundraiser ex. Donate Your Birthday
  • Support MumzyCRF with a matching gift from your workplace
  • Volunteer Your Time or/and Expertise
  • Donate on Amazon-Smile.



Mumzy in USA is focused in illinois, a beautiful but small township called Pembroke (and Hopkins Park) where we help children, the elderly and families living in poverty.

MumzyCRF helps the homeless. Many children are homeless or living in placed families… Some of them are abandoned to themselves.

MumzyCRF foundation donates warm clothes and Turkeys/food at Thanksgiving. Mumzy personally cooks 8 – 12 of them to serve warm meals to the homeless or to those who cannot cook.


On this Christmas, we are wrapping 250+ gifts to be donated to struggling children and families and the elderly. We go house to house so I meet them in person.
“In 2020, despite de pandemic we still donated to 98 CHILDREN On Christmas. We delivered gifts on driveways and doorways. It was uneasy but we did it!

We usually drive our bus full of Christmas presents and volunteers while joyously singing Christmas carols as we deliver the gifts. It’s A Happy Day Of Love, Hugging, Smiles, Cheering And Tears Of Joy.

The Distribution’s Bus Is Donated By The Servants Of The Holy Hearts Of Mary and Driven By Sr MaryBeth, USA Outreach Director Of MumzyCRF.


  • On Good Friday or Saturday, we bring Easter Baskets to our children living with sickness or disabilities. Our children in the most struggling situation who cannot attend our Easter Egg Hunt Event.
  • On EASTER SUNDAY, we organize an Egg Hunt. ALL CHILDREN regardless of religion are welcome to participate in the game and we hand out to each a basket full of goodies and small toys!


Happy Pet/Happy Owner/Happy Family/Lots Of Love. At The Animal Shelters/Pounds, We Arrange PET ADOPTIONS For Our Most Lonely, Poor & Sometimes Sick Elderly Who Are Still Able To Give A Loving Home To A STRAY OR ABANDONED PET. We Help With All The Expenses For Vaccinations & Care Of DOGS & CATS.

FINALLY, we do REGULAR VISITS ALL YEAR LONG to our neediest families. Children. Elderly. Disabled. We bring food supplies and the most needed basic stuff.

Mumzy in USA

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