About Mumzy CRF

Who We Are

Mumzy’s Children Relief Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization that seeks to help the economically disadvantaged children of the world.

We have offices in Africa and the United States focusing on uplifting children from extreme poverty.

We give our beneficiaries HOPE for a better future that holds all the possibilities despite the harsh conditions of their reality.

Priority Areas

  1.  Food
  2. Clean Water
  3. Education
  4. Health Care
  5. Shelter
  6. Climate
  7. Clothing

In the extremely poor villages where I serve, there’s no electricity, no clean water, no medical center, scarcity of almost everything.

Most of the kids are illiterate because of no school or they’re too poor to afford it.

As we all know, EDUCATION is a basic human that can transform children’s lives by helping them overcome poverty and develop the skills needed to build a better life. Without education, many children will remain trapped in poverty.

To register in school, it only $10/child/year. Yet the majority cannot afford it and illiteracy is high.

Last year I was able to send 989 children to school. My goal is to send 10,000 children to school so we can definitely begin to end illiteracy and poverty.

Our Goals

  • To send 10k children to school, $100,000
  • To get more school benches $40
  • To build at least one classroom/Year, it’s $8000
  • A pump-well for clean water $9811 (I need 1 for each of my 8 schools)
  • A solar system for each school $5600
  • A whole school 8 classroom, 2 bathrooms sets and an office $128000
  • A health campaign $24000
  • A monthly salary for a teacher is $40/month and we have 17 teachers 

Our Struggles

  • We currently serve in 18 villages, and we run 8 schools with 17 teachers.
  • We’re in the process of building a school in a village that never had a school before.
  • We’d like to add more teachers  & more classrooms per school (right now we can only afford 2 teachers per school. Each teacher is teaching 3-grade levels at the same time)
  • SCHOOL supplies
  • Community projects
  • Nutritious FOOD for orphans
  • Pump-wells 4 CLEAN WATER
  • Annual mobile hospital to treat 1200 to 1500
  • SOLAR POWER To reduce the destruction of forests

Why Choose Us

We give hope to the destitute children. Mumzy’s focus is to help the vulnerable children, the poorest among the poor, kids who are orphaned, abandoned, lonely, sick, forgotten and neglected.

Our founder & CEO is also a certified health and wellness coach. That the kid’s overall health is her top priority and she coaches everyone in our Orphanages to adopt long lasting good habits that will secure their physical and mental health.