Mumzy CRF

Who We Are

MumzyCRF is a IL501C(3) Tax-Exempt, a philanthropic organization that serves Children & Communities living in extreme poverty so that they can have access to basic Education, Clean Water, Safe Shelters, Medical Centers & Sustainable Projects which empower them to get (themselves) out of poverty & illiteracy.

MumzyCRF is an international charity – boots on ground – currently helping 3140 children in Africa and the United States:

  1. ILLINOIS – Homeless/Disabled/Elderly
  2. CAMEROON – 11 Schools/4 Orphanages, 29 Communities
  3. KENYA – 8 Orphanages/ 1 Community: The Maasai

We Primarily: 

  • Train remote communities in various projects towards self-sufficiency.
  • Fight to end child poverty & illiteracy.
  • Build, reopen & sponsor rural elementary schools.

Our Main Goal – 5 Years/Village – at a cost of $100,00

In as little as 5 years, MumzyCRF is and can unstuck & transform extremely poor villages into viable, self-sustaining & productive communities. Changing lives of their populations of 400-600 each.

Educational Goal: To send 10,000 children to school by the year 2028!  the average cost of tuition is $10/child/year

Tuition Cost

  • CAMEROON (Rural)$ 10/Year= 5K CFA
  • KENYA (Slums)$ 20/Month = 2K KES

Educational Needs

  • $ 10/Child/Year (Tuition)
  • $ 40/school bench
  • $ 60/school supplies/child/Yr
  • $ 80/monthly salary x 26 teachers


  • $ 8000/builds 1 classroom
  • 128K/builds a whole school, (preK-6th+offices & toilets)



Nutritious Food

  • $ 0.55c/Day feeds 1 child
  • $ 600/Year/Orphan

 Clean Water

  • $ 9811/Pump Well/Village
  • $ 50/Water Filters (SUKHI 222)

 Clean Energy

  • $ 5600/SOLAR System unit/School

Health Campaigns

  • $ 24K to treat 1500 people/Free. Yearly MOBILE HOSPITALS

 Millie’s Scholarship

  • Let’s rescue indigenous young girls from illiteracy, early marriage, FGM, mental health.
  • We need reusable, washable period pads for girls so they can go to school & save their lives. Each Pad = $2.00

Water (Maasai People)

  • To save many lives attacked by wild animals at the only water sources available

     Impact Entrepreneur

    • Owner of Mumzys African Coffee, Gourmet Coffee Beans for the high-altitude lands of Cameroon & top producers of Africa. EACH BAG SOLD sends a poor child to school for ONE YEAR!
    • 100% Profits from Mumzy Coffee goes to MumzyCRF, Check us out and order some coffee

    Mumzy CRF Goals

    • To send 10k children to school by the year 2025 – the cost of tuition is: $10/child/year
    • Clean Water; To help them get potable water by distributing water filters $50/Filter
    • To get reusable washable period pads to all girls in our communities to permit them to continue attending school despite their menstruations, to prevent earlier marriages and to save their lives
    • To get more school benches $40
    • To build at least one classroom/Year in Mang -$8000. We’re building our 5th Classroom this year 2022. This is the first school ever built in this village.
    • A whole school 8 classrooms, 2 bathrooms’ sets and an office $128000
    • A pump-well for clean water is $9811 (I need 1 for each of our 11 schools)
    • A solar system for each school is $5600
    • A health campaign $24000/Year to treat 1500 people in our Mobile Hospital
    • A monthly salary for a teacher is $80/month and we have 26 teachers

    Our Struggles

    • We currently serve in 18 villages, and we run 11 schools with 26 teachers.
    • We’re in the process of building a school in a village that never had a school before.
    • We’d like to add more teachers  & more classrooms per school (right now we can only afford 2 teachers per school. Each teacher is teaching 3-grade levels at the same time)
    • SCHOOL supplies
    • Community projects
    • Nutritious FOOD for orphans
    • Pump-wells 4 CLEAN WATER
    • Annual mobile hospital to treat 1200 to 1500
    • SOLAR POWER To reduce the destruction of forests

    Why Choose Mumzy CRF

    • We give hope to the destitute children. Mumzy’s focus is to help the vulnerable children, the poorest among the poor, kids who are orphaned, abandoned, lonely, sick, forgotten and neglected.
    • Our founder & CEO is also a certified health and wellness coach. That the kid’s overall health is her top priority and she coaches everyone in our Orphanages to adopt long lasting good habits that will secure their physical and mental health.