Mumzy in Africa

The Mumzy’s CRF’s mission is to seek out the world’s most desperate & destitute children (or people) and help them fight hunger, prevent malnutrition and improve their lives. Albertine Scray, the founder, has been helping children & volunteering in non-profit organizations for almost two decades.


In Africa

MumzyCRF Helps Communities living in extreme poverty through:

  • EMPOWERMENT: Financial assistance, FOOD distribution
  • EDUCATION: Construction of SCHOOLS; Providing school supplies & TEACHERS.
  • SUPPORT to the orphans, homeless, DISABLED, bed-ridden..
  • Health campaigns MOBILE HOSPITAL to treat thousands of people for FREE.
  • MENTORING programs to help communities SELF-SUSTAIN.

Why Do MumzyCRF

Support Children Around The World Who Are Affected By Poverty?

I travel the world and I have seen children, who go to bed every night hungry, cold, sick, afraid, tired, crying, lonely and hopeless. Children who wake up in the morning trying to figure out how they will survive.

Please, make a DONATION to give a child a chance to a normal childhood, to develop physically, socially and emotionally.


Ways to Support MumzyCRF

  • Make An Occasional Donation
  • Make A Monthly Donation
  • Buy Mumzys Coffee
  • Send A Gift (ex. Clothes, Meds, Books..)
  • Start A Fundraiser ex. Donate Your Birthday
  • Support MumzyCRF with a matching gift from your workplace
  • Volunteer Your Time or/and Expertise
  • Donate on Amazon-Smile.



Our ultimate goal is to send 100,000 extremely poor Children of our rural villages to school

For now we’re focusing on reaching 10,000 at a time


We help in multiple orphanages in the cities. We have about 700 orphans altogether but we can afford to pay the tuition for only about 15% of them. The others are unfortunately out of luck until we get more funds.

In most of the orphanages, the biggest problem is hunger. Children eat every other day. And what they eat is not nutritious enough. (A plate of rice mixed with palm oil and salt) Those kids look sick because of malnutrition. They have a slow growth, many diseases and it affects their intelligence and mental state.

Clean water is rare and mortality is high. Illiteracy is more common than it should.  It’s very hard for me to meet so many illiterate children who are just missing EVERYTHING in life, everything that others take for granted.

The worst thing about it is that it doesn’t even cost much to help them change their daily life. Since they have nothing, “Anything” is a lot to them. A bag of rice of about 25 pounds is $13 dollars. And that will help them eat a bit more than every other day. I help them mix it with a bit of protein so I donate bags of dry beans to cook and mix with rice. Dry beans are about $29 for 10 pounds.


For an orphanage of about 80 children to eat one meal per day, they need 1 bag of each per day. Which is about $45/day for a basic survival meal. This is all my foundation could afford with the help of a big portion of my small income and the donations we get from our dear donors.

I am grateful for the donations that we get and I keep praying for more donations because we only solve about 25% of the basic needs that they have.


Schools in the city cost around $50/child/year. I try very hard to pay for the orphans to get an education but I haven’t been able to afford it for even half of them. Which breaks my heart because it means that it’ll be very difficult for those kids to get out of poverty. Each year I spend $4000 for tuitions in the city and that’s good enough only for about 80 children out of the 700 who are hoping to get the chance to go to school too.


Most of the children are in the villages. We help in the most destitute regions. Where extreme poverty will blow your mind! Illiteracy is also unbelievable here… Everything is needed.


We organize a HEALTH CAMPAIGN at least once a year, we bring a Mobile Hospital all the way to the jungle. Our Hospital Is Lead By The Famous Dr. GEORGES BWELLE. A Top 10 CNN Hero of 2013. He Comes With A Team Of Doctors & Healthcare Providers (ASCOVIME.ORG).

Who Donates Their Services & Time To Provides Free Consultations, Free Surgeries, Free Dental Services, Free Ophthalmology, Free Pharmacy, Free Testing. Everything is FREE For The Populations, From The Consultation To The Treatments.


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All Profits Go To Mumzys Children Relief Foundation To Fight Poverty & Hunger And Promote Education & Clean Water.

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