Girls Empowerment in Cameroon

Written by Albertine Scray

July 2, 2023

Someone might ask: Why are they so happy? They are happy and grateful because these pads are life changing, lifesaving!!

These pads are reusable, washable, ecological, economic, comfortable and they make girls more free, more deserving, more involved and active, more successful, physically and mentally healthier, and give them more control over their personal hygiene, and, most importantly, give them hope and empower them, making EDUCATION ACCESSIBLE And a better future possible!

By the way we TRIPLED the numbers of girls attending our schools this year compared to last year !!

Oh Success !!!!

October 3rd 2022. This last visit was something all the women and girls were so looking forward to.

The barrels with the washable pads kits, sent in June 2022 from Chicago had just finally made it to Yaoundé!

I had been in Cameroon for almost 6 weeks. And one of my crucial mission was to help “girls” go to school. I spent a lot of time going house to house and speaking with parents, husbands, tutors to let the girls go to school since the foundation is taking care of all the fees.

Most girls stop going to school after they get their period because of a lack of pads or they have to skip school for almost a week each month because of their menstruation.

Tina Bowering and so many wonderful donors on Clubhouse, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and our website filled the barrels of hope with washable pads kits (and water filters).

The biggest donations came from the SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL of Iliana & of Chicago who donated hundreds of washable pads, bras, clothing, school supplies, have helped MumzyCRF get in contact with DAYS FOR GIRLS INTERNATIONAL who also donated boxes of washable pads..
I couldn’t come back to USA without giving to the girls (women) the one thing that was going to empower them for this school year 2022/23
Last year we had about 15% girls in our schools versus 85% boys. This year we’re almost at least at 40:60!! And it’s a major SUCCESS!!
Even some of the girls who are already in early marriage got the permission from the husbands to come to school. The MumzyCRF pays for tuitions and school supplies.

Here is my arrival in village Mbiede. The population especially the women were aware that I was coming from my hospital bed and they were very grateful that I made them such a priority before traveling back to USA.

They were very happy as you can see! What a warm welcome!!

Stay tuned to see the distribution…

To make any donation, please click here:

Donate for washable pads and water filters

We’re eternally GRATEFUL to the:

  • SOROPTIMIST ILLIANA & SI OF CHICAGO, For their donations. Beverly Bucur

These pads are lifesaving and represent so much more than I can describe. Thank you !!!

Donate Washable Pads Here:

Donate $10 today to help a child go to school for an entire year.

To learn more on our mission, please browse through:

To support or contribute to our mission, please visit:

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