My Goals – Struggles 2021/2022

Written by Albertine Scray

September 28, 2021

Last year we paid tuition for 989 children who wouldn’t have gone to school without our support. Our goal this year is to send 10,000 children. We currently have 3000 children

BTW: School is $10/child/year Yet only about 10% can afford it. 

We currently have 11 schools and 26 teachers. An average of 2 teachers per elementary. Each teacher teaches 3 grade levels in one classroom.

  • To add at least 1 teacher per school (teacher’s salary is $80/month)
  • To add at least 1 classroom per school (each school currently has only 2 classrooms) A furnished classroom is 8000/classroom.
  • To get enough school supplies for this year (books, backpacks, clothing..)
  • To get school benches so our children don’t take classes on the floor. The cost is ($40/school bench)
  • To help the communities with the group projects (self-sustainable)
  • To feed the orphans and organise programs to help them feed themselves $0.5/child.
  • To dig a pump-well in each school (each village access to clean water) the cost of a pump-well is 
  • To be able to bring the mobile hospital in February 2022 ($24,000 to treat 1500. People in one weekend – about $16/Patient)
  • To bring solar power in our villages (there’s no electricity) The cost is ($5,600/Solar system unit/Village)
  • To continue the construction of the very first school of Mang (1 classroom/year) The cost of a finished classroom is $8000. 
  • To expand our boarding schools and orphanages especially now that we have the Millie’s Scholarship program.

I need help to be able to raise enough money to send poor children to school this coming school year 2021/2022. To lend a hand, please click the button below.

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