Stories of how we find these Children

Written by Albertine Scray

June 15, 2023

Tough reality for children living in poverty and becoming orphans daily…

We had received 2 new children at the orphanage of Ayos. One was the very small baby that I am holding in my hands and the other one was a toddler.

Both kids had no names.

The mama of the orphanage called me immediately and it was a lucky thing that I was still in Cameroon.

I quickly purchased the basic things for them and traveled to the rural town of Ayos to see them.

During this video, I was searching for good names that we could give them and so I could establish their birth certificates too…

In extreme poverty, it not rare to see a woman abandon her child after giving birth, because she has nothing to raise him.

The toddler was found next to his dead mother. She had mental health issues so nobody could really approach her or the child when she was alive. Nobody knew what was the name of the child..

The very next day, we gave them names and I applied for their birth certificates when we can still guess close enough what we’re their ages…

I’m glad they made it to the orphanage. We’ll raise them with love

Most of the orphans were at school. This is why it’s so empty and quiet. Our foundation had paid for their tuitions. I came back the next day so we all debate together on the name giving for the new kids.

Sometimes it’s very hard to see some children’s reality …

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