Sukhi222 – Clean Water In Mbiede Village

GOOD News Sukhi222 - Clean Water In Mbiede. Mumzy Children Relief Foundation

Written by Albertine Scray

April 2, 2022

CHALLENGING BUT SO REWARDING! It was almost midnight when we finally arrived in village Mbiede, with the Sukhi222 water filters!

The horrible road is the reason why it takes so long to go from one village to the next during rain season.
The villagers got up to the sound of our cars pulling into the chief compound. They had been worrying about us getting stuck in the jungle in the middle of the night…

Now everyone is happy and relieved. We made it! Woohoo!

Now, let’s talk about what brought us here tonight: THE WATER FILTERS so that they can be provided with some clean water!

These filters represent LIFE! An escape from death & diseases. They mean so much to the villagers that I’d do this for the rest of my life without complaining! It’s totally worth the effort.

Sukhi222 – Clean Water In Mbiede. 💦 VIDEO 1 💦

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