A New Classroom Built!

Written by Albertine Scray

March 14, 2022

Bravo, we did it again! In 4 weeks we built another new classroom!

We raise $8000 per year for each classroom to build a school in a village that never had a school before!

Each year, as soon as we reach the $8k, I travel to Cameroon for about 5 weeks. I stay on the ground with them as we build the classroom from start to finish.

We’re raising money now (2022) for our 5th Classroom. We’ll keep building until our elementary school is completed. Then maybe follow with a high school.

Meanwhile, we occupy the classrooms as soon as they’re ready enough. Our school goes this year from PreK to 4th grade. And we have 150 students. Children who had no access to education until we started this school in 2018.

The village Mang is an extremely poor village where only 4 years ago, people were not provided with any basic human needs. The village was unthinkably poor and desperate.

OUR SUCCESSFUL MISSION: We have been working very hard to change their lives. Today a school is in construction, a medical center is in construction, water filters have been distributed to the population, a pump water well is in construction almost finished, solar power is on the way, roads are in construction and we have many community projects to empower to populations so they can lift themselves out of extreme poverty!

We have also fixed and reopened 10 additional schools deserving 26 villages like Mang. All those villages live in extreme poverty so, our dream is to replicate what we’re doing in Nang in the other villages.

With minimum funds, about $100K total, it takes us FIVE YEARS to help a village of about 500 people become self-sustainable and self-sufficient with the most basic needs accessible to its populations.

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