First School Being Built in Cameroon.

Written by Albertine Scray

March 24, 2021

Since DECEMBER 7th, 2018, We have started the project of BUILDING A SCHOOL IN MANG, CAMEROON.

The First and Only school ever in that village. The school will benefit many children from 7 villages. The first part of the preliminaries of the project is almost done. We have already cut several trees and made many Planks and beams.
I left for Cameroon on January 18th for almost 4 weeks. I joined them in Mang and together, we are working tirelessly to finish up according to our agenda so that the school is ready to open its doors by September 2019 with the first classrooms.

Please-Note: In villages like Mang & its neighborhood, there are no roads, no infrastructures, no way of processing or treating wood, we have no choice but start building this school with green wood. However, if we get enough funding, we’ll proceed to cut more wood for next year and we’ll store it in a dry place so that every year we get to use the wood from the previous year.
This is a project that is supposed to last for about 6 years.

Another big exciting news item! we are also bringing a mobile hospital staffed with 7+ doctors & several nurses and volunteers to treat and vaccinate the local populations of these 7 villages. Stay tuned for more news in this second big project.


Directly from the forest around the village! We provide Chainsaws, Gasoline, Nutrition & Pay them for the work performed.

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