The mission of February 2021 Accomplished!

Cameroon Mission of February 2021 Accomplished!

Written by Albertine Scray

March 4, 2021

I left Cameroon 9 hours ago. Now in transit in Europe… Arriving in Chicago Thursday evening. We did so much! I’ll be live on Our Social Media this coming Saturday to recap my mission of February 2021. Please stay connected! We’ll talk about:
• Securing the education of almost 1000 poor children in cities, villages and orphanages, children who wouldn’t be able to go to school without our help.
• Our sweet orphans! How ALL of them will get to go and finish this school year without getting kicked out for non-payment of remaining tuitions thanks to our donations! We’ll also talk about their many other challenges still current. (hunger, lack of clean water, their healthcare…)
• The school we’re building in a village that never had a school before, the amazing progress of the students & of our construction. And about the official kickoff of our new classroom! We started it last week!! Yes!! It’ll be the 4th classroom of our school.
• Our boarding school which has been a big success since our first promotion! We are planning to expand it this year as our school is becoming the most populous in the whole region.
• Our new lands. OMG YES! Our foundation has now over 200 Hectares of lands (that’s almost 500,000 acres!) to be used for agriculture, to benefit the poorest communities and their schools also to raise their living standards and get them out of extreme poverty!
• About 315 men and women who are working in our agricultural farms right now and being paid. (First paying job for most of them) We planting pistachios, cocoa, coffee… in 9 months we’ll also plant plantains, yams, cassava and more..
• About the negative impact on their health due to the lack of medical assistance (we couldn’t afford to bring a Mobile Hospital this year)
• About the upcoming Medical Center to be built in Mang this year! Yes!! First ever in that whole region of about 7 villages!!
• About the newest community that we just adopted. The village of ATOA !! Awesome people. They’re children are from now on covered with the same benefits as all our other children and our foundation will also pay the salaries of their teachers! Of course, we’re already working with the community… I have a LOT to say about the people, the ethics, the possibilities in that enclaved village.
• About the students and community of the Village Mbiede!! What an awesome surprise we got there.
• About our youth celebration, I haven’t published even half of everything that our communities presented and the workshops we had!
• Everyone understands that the DONATIONS will be used to help us get up! To help up self-sustain! So we have the duty and obligation to show our efforts and results to all our Donors!
• My meetings with the Bishop of The Mbalmayo Diocese and with 100+ Catholic Priests! This was one of the most AWESOME things that I did on this trip. My relationship with the clergy permits me to have access to the neediest children and people who live in unthinkable destitution. I got the blessings and was promised support by everyone at that meeting last Fat-Tuesday.
• My meeting with the highest government officials of the Nyakokombo: The Prefet in Akonolinga, The Sous-Prefet in Kobdombo, the Commander Of Brigate Of Gendarmerie, The head of Forestry and many more.
• My AMAZING partnership with all our village’s CHIEFS, especially His Majesty Chief Abanda of Mbeng I and last but not least the absolutely wonderful Priest who successfully does most of my work on the ground… this is on top of his own job as a Catholic priest of 3 churches. The wonderful Father Emerant Ebale Evegue!!!

And much more!! So many AMAZING PEOPLE work with us and for us… Everyone is very important as these projects could never be done without our togetherness in bringing together our efforts.
I have so much to share, stay connected to see the miracles that are possible when humans decide to do great things!!
May God bring me back safely to Chicago

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