You’re Invited! 2019th Annual Gala For Extremely Poor Children

Written by Albertine Scray

May 30, 2019

Donors Recognition & Fundraising, Premiere Annual Awards Red Carpet Gala. We’re raising money for extremely poor children here in the USA and in Africa. We give education opportunities to Orphans and children from unbelievably destitute communities. So far, our foundation supports 560 orphans with Tuitions, Food, Clothing, Shelters.

PLEASE, PURCHASE TICKETS OR MAKE A DONATION TO SPONSOR AN ORPHAN FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2019-2020. Securely with any major credit/debit cards on this link:

We’re building a School in Mang, Cameroon. First School Ever built in that village. First Kindergarten Ever for a community of 14+ villages. We’re planning to Build at least 1 Classroom every Year until we get the whole school built. Right now we need Benches more than anything! For our school and also for the few closest schools where the students sit on the floor.

We make sure to put a smile on homeless children and Poor Elderly, helping with everyday challenges and also giving care, food and presents on Holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas…).

Mumzys Children Relief Foundation Organises Huge Health Campaigns in destitute communities where people cannot afford to go to a doctor by a bringing mobile hospital with an experienced team of doctors and healthcare providers. We work with a CNN top 10 hero, Dr. Georges Bwelle and his team ASCOVIME to provide surgeries, dentistry, ophthalmologists, consultations, surgeries, pediatric wellness, std testing, pharmacy… all treatments and care and medications are given for FREE! Each campaign costing us at least $12,000 for approximately 700 patients. Our last campaign of February 2019 took care of 1400 patients and cost us about $24,000. Our Next Project is to bring a Health Campaign Here in ILLINOIS for Dentistry & Ophthalmology. We are planning to provide FREE care to the populations of Pembroke & Hopkins Park.

If you’re wondering HOW YOU COULD HELP our Orphans, please click on the links below and you could donate the equivalent of -even just- a CUP OF COFFEE, Per MONTH, it’s enough to send a few orphans to school.

—- TO BECOME A DONOR: Securely sign up on a link here below:



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