I have GOOD News! Remember our Barrels of Blessings?

GOOD News Sukhi222 - Clean Water In Mbiede. Mumzy Children Relief Foundation

Written by Albertine Scray

October 3, 2022

Last June the 6th, 2022, our Foundation sent by sea 10 barrels full of blessings (school supplies, water filters, washable pads, clothing, medicine…) from Chicago USA, to Cameroon in Africa.
The good news is that on September 30th, 2022 the Barrels finally made it to us in Yaounde Cameroon and are now stored in a safe place.
Because of Mumzy’s current health issues, most activities (other than daily education in our schools) are on standby…

ONE Exception: She’s distributing the “Days Of Girls” washable pads & underwear to girls to facilitate access to education! The washable pads give them a chance to come to school every day without skipping because of their period.

Most of the stuff in the barrels will be transported to our 30+ communities in February 2023 when it’s dry season & when Mumzy isn’t sick. Right now with the rain, it’s very hard to travel to our remote rural villages. We try to reduce the trips to the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY ones.

February is also our health campaign month, we set a Mobile hospital with 30 + health providers and volunteers and we treat about 1500 people for free in one weekend! Stay tune for our medical supplies Fundraising coming soon.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to each donor of my foundation. Your attention, your money for tuitions, your services, your shares of our posts, your used sewing machines, your volunteering.. MumzyCRF is eternally grateful for each donor no matter what you so graciously give us!

Thank you The Rotary EClub of World Peace.

Thank you so much to Days for Girls International for hundreds of washable period pads kits donated to our foundation to make education accessible and provide help & relief to women.

(Our foundation serves in 30+ communities living in extreme poverty without easy access to water, no running water, no clean water, no electricity, no medical center or supplies, people dying from easily treatable diseases, no roads, making access very difficult to any help on the way, the lack of roads also means the impossibility to reach the market to sell their produce… Impossibility for the buyers to reach their villages… No schools or struggling ones in communities that are too poor to afford $10 tuition, illiteracy runs high, teachers are rare…No internet or phone connection.. etc)

These Barrels Full Of BLESSINGS will make hundreds of children very happy! Thank you so much again!
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