Humanizing Lives in the Village of Mbiede Cameroon

Written by Albertine Scray

October 5, 2022

I was able to go to my last trip to the jungle… Was able to finish the most important thing that I couldn’t come back to the states without doing.

I had already negotiated for many girls to get an education and one very important basic need that was lacking to keep them in school was “period pads”.

Our June’s barrels arrived in Yaounde a bit late and I was so sick.. But I knew that there will be no possible education for all the pre-teenagers and teenagers that I had already worked so hard to register since late August..

I pushed myself to dig into the barrels and find washable pads that were donated by DAYS FOR GIRLS & SOROPTIMIST… No, I couldn’t deal with distributing the stuff from the 10 barrels but I had to find the washable pads!!With enough pads, I went back to Mang, Mboni and especially Mbiede and explained to the hundreds of girls and ladies how to use the washable pads, why they’re better, healthier, and why they’ll improve their lives and make possible for them to come to school daily just like the boys…

We have to give to girls the possibility of uninterrupted attendance at school and also explain how dignifying it’ll be to have control on who knows when they’re menstruating. (Having their period sometimes becomes a nightmare to some girls who get sent into early marriages.. )
With the washable pads, this school year is going to be a much more successful one, especially for girls and their mothers.

We’re so grateful to the SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL and to DAYS FOR GIRLS INTERNATIONAL. Your support to MumzyCRF is empowering our girls and our communities. Thank you so much!

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