Mobile Hospital in Cameroon

Written by Albertine Scray

January 1, 2019

MUMZYCRF has teamed up with the AWA (African Women Foundation) to bring a traveling doctors team and a mobile clinic to provide medical services to the extremely poor and to very remote and destitute areas. The AWA is a charitable organization that has been providing pro bono medical services in Cameroon for several years. This year they are partnering with us to bring bigger relief to hundreds of children and families.

This team has a surgeon general physician and ophthalmologist, a dentist and two other general practitioners who will be helping many children and populations deep in the jungle of Africa.

We will bring our own tents and basic medical equipment. We have provided you a list of medical supplies that we urgently need. We are seeking your help in this effort. Please see the link below and provide whatever help you can.

Remember none of us is getting paid for this work as it is done pro bono and your contributions really really help!

– The AWA association is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon and is doing an amazing job in bringing excellent Medical Caregivers (Doctors & Nurses) and several volunteers

– We have been gathering a lot of stuff. Here is the updated inventory. Btw, there is a long list of PRESCRIPTION meds that we’ll purchase in Cameroon. We still need to do a lot of administrative work to be able to bring them from USA.
(As of 1/13/19)
– Aspirin needed 8000 tablets/Already got 8000 tablets‼️ ✅💯👏
– Acetaminophen 500 mg. We needed 8000/already got 8000‼️
– Tylenol 125 ml syrup/ need 100 bottle/ already got 28/still need 72 bottles
– Ibuprofen 400 mg: 4000 tablets/already 4000‼️✅💯👏
– Multivitamin for pregnant women 5000 tablets/already got 3800/still need 1200
– Multivitamins for kids; 16000 tablets/already got 10000 still need 6000.
– first aid kits 1000/ already have 115/need 785
– Antibiotics ointments 500 tubes/already got 230/still need 270
– Anti-itch cream 500 tubes/already 150/still need 350
– Calcium 3000/already 1000/still need 2000

– Prolosec 600/ already 200/ still need 400
– Zantac 600/ already got 600‼️✅💯👏
– Gavescan 600/200/ still need 400

– rubbing alcohol/✅✅✅
– betadine red needs 8 ounces bottles. Quantity 50
– betadine yellow 50/8 ounce bottle
– cotton 500 bags/already got a big box of it…200 bags need 200 bags
– Bandaids various sizes 100 big boxes/ already got a few boxes 40/still need 60
– gauze pads 100 pk of 100/got 10/ still need 90
– Medical tape
– optical gloves 10 packs of 100 each/ got 2 packs of 100 each/need 8 packs‼️✅💯👏
– sterile gloves 10 packs of 100 each/
– hospital disposable clothing/ need all
– Doctor 50
– Nurses 10
– Patients 500

– toothbrushes need 1000/ already got 500/ still need 500
– toothpaste need 1000/already got 600/still need 400
– dental floss 500/ already got 100/ need 400
– eyeglasses 100 various/ already have 60/still need 40
– Gauze for mouth needs 50 boxes of 1000/already 50‼️✅💯👏
– Cotton for mouth needs 50 boxes/ already got 10/need 40

Table covers and all needed accessories for setting up‼️✅💯👏👏👏

If you have the supplies please mail them to me at:
114 E. Center St. Leroy, Illinois
I would pay for shipping if it’ll facilitate.

Or you can donate on these links:


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