I need help with 7 MORE WHEELCHAIRS

Written by Albertine Scray

June 8, 2021

I need help with 7 MORE WHEELCHAIRS. We have people who desperately need them. Smart disabled children who cannot go to school because of the lack of wheelchairs. Last year, children were pushing a few disabled ones on a wheelbarrow to get them to school daily.

It helped a lot but it was heartbreaking for me to see. Something about it is inhumane. 💔 I need USED, NEW or even BROKEN ones. If you can help me find them, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

A happy mom is one that sees smiles on the faces of her children. I have thousands of children leaving in extreme poverty. I am getting ready to send a container from the USA to Cameroon full of school supplies and equipment. Please help me put smiles on poor children’s faces! Thank you so much! Mumzy.

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