National Youth Day 2022 Launch – Mang Village

National Youth Day 2022 Launch - Mang Village

Written by Albertine Scray

April 6, 2022

Absolutely amazing memories! February 3rd, 2022 At the launching of The 56th National Youth Day For the Sub-Region Of Nyakokombo.

This event was in the rural village of Mang at the compound of MumzyCRF’s new school: the Kindergarten And Elementary School The Scrays Of Mang. Our school was recognized to be an elite school of the region! This school is a great accomplishment, pride & joy for us all!

The village Mang had “nothing” in 2018! Its people lived in extreme poverty with no basic human needs.

Today, only 4 years later, with very little financial resources, we’re getting closer to self-sufficiency, we’re provided with filters for clean water, a great school and a modern medical center are in construction, our roads are being improved (the roads & medical center are sponsored by the government, thank you 🙏 )…

We’re erasing illiteracy and bringing in clean energy (Solar Power)… Please we invite you to Support our Projects below:

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