Our Mobile Hospital Success

Written by Albertine Scray

February 9, 2019

Our Mobile Hospital 02/02/19:
The mobile hospital was a complete SUCCESS!! Over 1000 patients treated (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Ultrasound, dentistry, Ophthalmology, HIV testing…)
We finished the last surgery at 5am the next morning.
Please stay tuned as I will be posting pictures and videos of our health day as it has happened from the beginning til the end.
An awesome day full of miracles!!

Our Amazing DENTISTS worked all day and almost all night. Our generator had problems and we lost electricity in some tents but that did not stop them. They worked with the light of our cellphones! Here’s a video of them at work regardless of the dark. Notice that nobody is complaining, the focus is ON the opportunity to get it done and NOT ON the shortcomings.
ASCOVIME has the best team of doctors on the Planet!! And ISMAEL the dentist is absolutely awesome 👏 !!

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