Written by Albertine Scray

April 2, 2022

For our communities to strive and be self-sustainable, the first things we need are roads!

Roads are a crucial need to the economic development of our rural communities. In addition to bringing growth and social benefits, roads encourage businesses to invest and bring in goods & services.

Road facilitate our mission to make education accessible to all children living in extreme poverty

Roads make employment possible, as well as social and health opportunities. The first video we recorded on December 6th, 2021 on our way to our communities & schools.


  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Double Cabin
  • Perfect Body Is NOT Necessary
  • Luxury is NOT Necessary
  • Good Engine & Transmission Necessary
  • Great Tires Necessary
  • Truck Needed ASAP
  • Preferably TOYOTA

Roads reduce transportation costs which are currently very high, slowing us down and vastly diminishing the impact of our mission (see the video below)

We do not have roads, Yet they’re crucial in fighting against poverty.
If our farmers had easier access to the nearest markets they could unstuck themselves out of extreme poverty.

In March 2021, MumzyCRF lost its pickup truck on a bad bridge. We are in need of a replacement. Any donation towards a used (beat up) truck will do as long as it runs perfectly.

Click here for more info about the fundraising of a pickup truck:

Your donations are TAX-EXEMPT as MumzyCRF is a 501c3!

ABOUT US: We Serve children and communities living in extreme poverty so that they can be provided with basic human needs.

Currently, we’re building, reopening and running schools in 20+ rural villages, making education available to 3000+ children.

We are bringing Solar Energy starting September 2021, to our communities that live with no electricity and we’re digging pump wells (boreholes) for drinking water.

Every February, we organized a health campaign with a mobile hospital that treats 1200-1500 people in one weekend. Everything is free of charge for the villagers. (This is the only chance they get to see doctors in those villages)

Also intensely working with communities in various self-sustaining projects…

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