500+ Outfits for Mumzy’s Children in Cameroon

500 plus new outfits

Written by Albertine Scray

September 25, 2021

I came to Cameroon this time with 500+ new outfits for our children. Boys & Girls.
Since January 2021, Amazing Nuns from the Servants Of The Sacred Heart Of Marie, In Addition With A Group Of Awesome Ladies Around Kankakee IL, have been busy on their sewing machines. They made hundreds of new outfits for the Mumzy’s Children Of Cameroon
The sizes are: XS, Small, M, L and XL
They chose different fabrics for each child, they ironed and folded them before classifying in proper bags. Then, they packed them nicely in suitcases also provided by them for the trip. Now All I have to do is to distribute to children living in poverty.

In general, these children get 2nd hand clothes so, they haven’t got the experience of wearing a new outfit out of the plastic bag! This experience is such an amazing treat for them! Most of them have asked to keep the ziplocks in which the ladies packed the outfits.

In our Nkoabang orphanage, the amazing lady who run it ‘Mama Marie Josee’ said to me: “Thank you so much, now for Christmas everyone will have a brand new outfit! What a blessing! We’ll fold all the outfits and keep them in a safe place. We’re so grateful, thank you”

All our children who benefited say THANK YOU to Sister MaryBeth, Sister Bernadette and everyone who donated their time, their talents, their money and most importantly their love for this project to be realized.

We started last year, we donated almost 100 little dresses and the children were so happy and impressed about getting first hand clothes, that we were inspired to to it again this year. Many ladies joined the project and we spent the last 6 months getting fabrics and sewing nonstop.

Now you can see the results on the children. It takes a lot of time and energy. But with LOVE this project is nothing but a lot of FUN!!

I made sure that every child feels special. We’re presenting our outfits in a runway style and each child gets applauded, it’s a joyous event!

Please check the album of 500+ on my profile. All the multiple events of runways & distribution in my schools and orphanages will be posted.

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