A New Leader Is Born!

New Leader Is Born Daniel

Written by Albertine Scray

February 23, 2022

Meet Daniel! He was born on February 03, 2022 In The Extremely Poor Village of Mang in Cameroon.

His mother is a 15year old teenager. Daniel was born at home with the help of village’s ladies including his grandma.

FYI there is no medical center/no healthcare provider in Mang or neighboring villages. They have to take healthcare matters in their own hands. Many mistakes are made but there is no other choice.

It Was A Stressful Childbirth!

His poor mother couldn’t get proper care but she survived after 3 days being in really bad condition & losing a lot of blood.

Giving birth in these remote rural villages is common and always life threatening.

His young mother will carry the scar of the difficult delivery all her life. And the next delivery might be even more complicated for her. Luckily MumzyCRF Foundation has made enough requests and the government has agreed to build a medical center in Mang which is already in construction and should be functional soon. We hope!!

But for now, let’s focus on this amazing news: Daniel is here!!

Daniel is perfect!

Gorgeous baby!

He deserves a chance at life!

A chance to become someone

impactful in taking his village out of extreme poverty!

Daniel is a future leader! Let’s Celebrate Him!

We can make sure that he becomes what he is meant to be! A GREAT Man!

Happy Birthday Dear Daniel 💙

“Singing The Daniel Song To Daniel”

If possible, please donate clothes or baby food. We currently have over 20 babies, living in extreme poverty. ❤️🙏

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