54th Celebration of Youth Day

National Youth Day 2022 Launch - Mang Village

Written by Albertine Scray

February 20, 2022

The celebration took place in the village of Mang and was a blessing. All MumzyCRF’s Schools of the nyakokombo were present (Except Atoa).
This Is Video 1 of 4. Stay Connected To Watch The Whole Beautiful Celebration!
Our Foundation Makes Education Accessible To 3000+ Children Living In Extreme Poverty.
(Most of our schools are becoming more and more bilingual (French & English) just like the one in construction “The Scrays Of Mang”)

The Scrays Of Mang School

it’s a FACT!! We are successfully ending ILLITERACY & CHILD POVERTY!!
The most amazing thing is that this school did not exist 5 years ago when I visited the village Mang for my first time.

This village had hundreds of children but never had a school in their whole history.
I decided to build a school even though I had no funds. My plan was to build one classroom per year and to use them immediately so that kids get educated as soon as possible.

Today, the school is still not complete but we’ve been building one classroom each year ($8000) and we have 150 students speaking French & English in addition to their maternal dialect Yeubekolo.
We have pre-K, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade.

Next year our goal for this kindergarten & elementary school “The Scrays Of Mang” is to build a new classroom for our 5th grader and so on until 2024 when our Elementary school will be completed with all grades. Yes we can do it!

Please enjoy the opening parade of our Scrays Of Mang. First school ever Of the village Mang!
YESoooooh!! We are successfully ending ILLITERACY & CHILD POVERTY

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