Empower a child by Donating at least $10

Written by Albertine Scray

June 5, 2022

We have bad news, challenging news and good news. Which one would you like to know first?

Okay let’s start with the


Mumzys Children Relief Foundation is sending 3500 children to school next year! That’s 360 more children than last year! Instead of 11 schools, we are re-opening 2 more schools. So we’re growing to 13 schools!

Our goal is to make EDUCATION accessible to all children regardless of their location &/or social status. Education is the BEST way to empower them so they can lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

  • MORE GOOD NEWS… The average tuition for most children is $10/year for each! The cost of a cup of coffee!

Next about the…

  • CHALLENGING NEWS: If you are reading this post, I am personally asking you to please join me in investing in these children’s education.

Kindly donate at least $10, please. It’ll pay for 1 child’s tuition for 1 Year.

Please click on any link here below to help us raise $10 for each of our 3500 children.

Finally, the


In our communities, only about 40% of children are attending school. Many stay home because of poverty (they cannot afford $10, or the school supplies or they have bad health…) and lack of schools in the villages or lack of infrastructure.

empower mumzy inside

The lack of water and even worse, the rarity of clean water is making everything worse because of the multiple diseases that constantly weaken their immune systems.

Girls are the less educated and their presence in schools is about 20% compared to boys. The most common thing that holds them back is their menstruations. They are so extremely poor that they can’t afford period pads and everything that they need for their hygiene. (Staying home lead to early marriages and early pregnancies)

Our schools are poorly made and sometimes we teach under trees. We need help with construction materials. Nothing fancy, just enough to put the kids in safe rooms for classes.

Our cheapest classrooms in plank are $2000/classroom and our best options in bricks and cement are $8000/classroom.

Most of our schools have only 2 classrooms. We put 3-grade levels in each classroom. We hire 2 teachers to teach 3-grade levels each. The teacher’s salary is $80/month….

We’re requesting and hoping for any help to make their situation better. Any donation is desperately needed and deeply appreciated 🙏🏽

To learn more or donate, here are our links:

OUR WEBSITE: https://mumzycrf.org/




REUSABLE FEMININE PADS https://www.gofundme.com/f/mumzys-barrels-of-blessings…

SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR POOR CHILDREN https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mumzyschildren…

CLICK HERE FOR MOST OF OUR LINKS: https://linktr.ee/MumzysEarth

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