It’s My Work 6th Anniversary!

Mumzy 6th Aniversary

Written by Albertine Scray

January 11, 2022

I am very proud of myself and of everyone who has joined me in this mission against child poverty & illiteracy.

I started helping children living in extreme poverty in 2011.
I quickly understood what it would take to give them a significant lifestyle relief, a decent education and a dream for a better tomorrow.

In 2016, I created the nonprofit Mumzys Children Relief Foundation and in 2017 it became an IL502c3 Tax-Exempt organization. IL501c#82-3385647.

I run things differently from most foundations that I have observed.

– To make the biggest impact possible with every dollar or action taken.
– To promote “how to fish” instead of giving fish but to make sure that they are provided with some basic human needs, enough to be able to work on lifting themselves out of extreme poverty. (Clean water, basic healthcare, safe shelter, nutritious foods..)
– To cancel the “middle men” as much as possible so that our donations go mostly from us donors, directly to the receivers.
– To work “boots on ground” in USA and Africa, dealing directly with the populations, meeting them geographically at their location. No matter how far in the jungle.
– To build, fix and reopen elementary schools so that EDUCATION is accessible to all children (Currently, we’re building the first ever school in a village with 100s of children that never had a school before.) We have reopened and fixed 10 more schools (26 teachers total) for 28 villages. We keep schools open & running all year!

Our methods are successful but we’re struggling to keep education accessible to 3000+ children.

We need Donors and Volunteers.

We accept volunteers for online services and for our missions on ground in Illinois, Cameroon and Kenya.
Please register on our website to get on our volunteers lists. Please specify what you do.
NB: We do not pay our volunteers a salary but we take care of their ground transportation, room & board during our missions.
Would you like to Volunteer? Click here

We’re serving children and communities living in extreme poverty. They basically have “nothing”
So, anything means a lot to them.
You can donate food, water filters, clothing, medicine, wheelchairs & medical equipment, construction materials, anything that could be needed.
You can also donate money. We desperately need funds to keep our programs running, especially our education & health campaign missions.

TO DONATE: Please Click here
You can donate on PayPal, GoFundMe,
Or on our website:

Sorry, we are not hiring right now.
Our limited budget for the school year 2021/2022 is already not enough for our ongoing activities and we are struggling but never giving up!

Thank you so much for your support, kindness and understanding.

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