Mission Accomplished 2021

Mumzy CRF Mission 2021 Accomplished

Written by Albertine Scray

December 21, 2021

Hurrah! Mission Accomplished! I am very proud of myself and of everyone who supports the missions of Mumzys Children Relief Foundation!

Today, I am traveling back from Africa to USA. I was on ground in Cameroon in Sept. & Oct. 2021 for 5 weeks.
And again in Late Nov. & Dec. 2021 for another 5 weeks.

We have realized almost everything that we had on schedule! It took more ressources than we anticipated, more than what we had, so we gave everything that could be given!

We still have no truck since we lost the last one in March 2021 on a bad bridge. Our rental truck broke down so, my team and myself went from village to village on motorcycle and mopeds. Most motorcycles also broke down so we had to go with 3 or 4 of us on each motorcycle and later on we got to the point where we had to walk!
You know what? if our legs had also given up to, we certainly would have crawled to reach our children.lol

NB: I have decided that “passion” is also like a form of currency, and I am so rich of that!! So I put a LOT of passion in everything I do and it keeps us going.

The process can be slow at times because of all the shortcomings that come with poverty but as long as we’re moving forward, we’re doing great!

So far this school year 2021/22,

  • We’re sponsoring 3000+ children living in extreme poverty to make sure that they are provided with as much basic human needs as possible.
  • We’re paying the salaries of 26 teachers in 11 elementary + kindergarten + boarding schools. ($2080/month).
  • We’re fixing & reopening schools in the most remote & destitute communities where access to decent education is desperately needed.
  • We’re paying tuitions, school supplies, medicine, food and more.
  • We’re currently building the solar pump water well! Yay!
  • We’re installing a very first solar system in the village of Mang! Something we’re hoping to replicate very soon in our other 27 villages
  • We are building a modern school in a village that never had a school before. Village Mang. We do 1 classroom/year at $8000/classroom. This year’s classroom is finished. Getting ready to start with the 2022 classroom.
  • We just celebrated Christmas in many of our schools, orphanages and communities where we distributed 700+ Christmas Presents (Thank you again to our DONORS who make this possible)
  • We’re doing so much more!! I couldn’t write it all here so, please visit our website www.mumzycrf.org or visit our pages on social media..

Again, THANK YOU! We are so grateful to each you our DONORS.

I am coming back exhausted but so much more satisfied & proud! I’m SMILING NONSTOP and looking forward to finally rest from Christmas Day.
Right now, we have a Christmas Tree Celebration In Pembroke Illinois on 12/23/2021! Our American children are already so excited & impatient.

Please do not hesitate to help with money/food/clothing or school supplies! Donate

Merry Christmas To All

Albertine Scray ‘Mumzy’

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