My Visit to Atoa Village

Written by Albertine Scray

May 15, 2022

The first time I visited this village, a couple of years ago, the school had been closed for 3 years because of no teachers & no financial help to the village living in extreme poverty.

MumzyCRF reopened the school and we could find one teacher to accept to relocate to the remote village of Atoa and teach the 6 levels of the elementary school.

We pay him $80/month. Just as we pay most of our 26 teachers across our 11 schools.

atoa furniture

BTW this school isn’t even the poorest of our schools, but notice the lack of almost everything. There’s no water, no toilet & no electricity in this school.

The community is awesome and we have multiple little projects that are ongoing. The goal is to get them to become self-sustainable.

After Atoa, I went to visit our school in Mboni. On this particular trip of 2 days, I visit 7 out of our 11 schools.

atoa mumzy

Stay tuned for the full song by Mboni’s Mumzy’s Children.

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