How Much We Pay Salaries 

Salary for Teachers Mumzy Chilren Relief Foundation

Written by Albertine Scray

May 16, 2022

$2080/Month! That’s how much salary we pay 26 teachers to keep education accessible to 3000+ children living in extreme poverty.

We are sponsoring 11 schools, 12 orphanages and 1 boarding school.

Our GoFundMe Fundraising

On top of the salaries we pay for tuition, the average is $10/child/year so to be able to help 3500 children, we need to raise $35,000 just for tuition.

  • Cashapp: $MumzyCRF
  • Venmo: @MumzyCRF
  • Zelle:

Here’s our JustGiving fundraising

On top of the teachers’ salaries and the children’s tuition, we need school supplies. Right now we’re collecting USED BACKPACKS 🎒Please help us reach out to as many people as possible so we can RECYCLE the students’ backpacks.

Learn more on our Backpacks Fundraising

We also need school equipment and furniture. We need to fix the buildings (construction), we need more school benches, we need bathroom facilities, we need to build water wells in our schools, we need electricity (solar energy) we need a lot and we’re working day and night to lift ourselves up from extreme poverty.

salaries mumzy

Many children do not attend because it’s very hard to walk to a faraway school and back with nothing to eat all day. Our goal this year is to be able to provide a plate of food at noon to each of our students. To make this possible we’re trying to donate monthly to each school:

  • 4 bags of 50kg of rice,
  • 4 bags of 50kg of dried red beans,
  • 20 litres of palm oil (hopefully we can afford coconut oil) and
  • 1 bag of salt.

A total expense of $500/month/school

Here’s our PayPal where we invite you to join and support this noble cause.

salaries teachers

Please help us make education accessible to children living in extreme poverty in remote rural communities. To learn more about Mumzy’s Foundation, check on Ways to Help

We’re collecting WATERS FILTERS to provide clean water to our villages who desperately need it & we’re also collecting REUSABLE WASHABLE PERIOD PADS to permit girls to go to school and to fight early marriages and child pregnancy.

Please join in filling our barrels on GoFundMe.

SAVING GIRLS & give them a chance to live, a better life, a fair chance. Visit our GoFundMe

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