I need a USED 4WD Double Cabin


Written by Albertine Scray

May 16, 2022

To be able to continue reaching out to our indigenous communities in the remote villages in Cameroon, we need a pickup truck to drive through the jungle on dirt, muddy, slippery roads.

We lost our previous truck last year in an accident. Our Toyota was damaged (totaled) from falling off a bad tribal bridge into the river in the middle of the forest.

mumzy bridges


  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Double Cabin
  • Perfect Body Is NOT Necessary
  • Luxury is NOT Necessary
  • Good Engine & Transmission Necessary
  • Great Tires Necessary
  • Truck Needed ASAP
  • Preferably TOYOTA

Please help us to find a USED 4WD Double Cabin. A strong & safe truck to take Mumzy through the jungle without getting stuck on slippery & muddy dirt roads of forest grounds.

NB: If you can donate a truck or if you’re selling one at a good price, please contact us ASAP!

Your Donations are TAX-EXEMPT as MumzyCRF is a 501c3!

mumzy transport

The rental costs of a pickup truck in Cameroon start at $180/day considering that we spend at least 4 months per year on grounds the cost of transportation alone is $180 x $120= $21,600. With the same amount, we can secure our transportation for many years instead of only one year. And just imagine everything we can do for thousands of children with such a saving!

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