Quality Education in Rural Areas

Quality Education in Rural Areas

Written by Albertine Scray

November 1, 2022

Mumzy’s dream is to improve the quality of education in the most remote rural villages.

Very often schools have no teachers or the thunderstorms destroy them to the point that it becomes impossible to educate children in those destitute classrooms..

As a result some schools remain closed for years… most kids stay home with no accessible education.

The few parents who can save a little money, choose the brightest of their children and make the sacrifice to relocate the chosen children in the nearest small towns, in small rooms or acquaintances. So that their children can have access to basic education – ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

It’s the only choice most of them have if they want their children to get an education,

Once away from their parents and their villages, the children are rarely safe and rarely have the parental love and attention that are very important for their normal development especially at such young age.

There is a small percentage of these children who find a way to be successful despite the harsh living conditions and the absence of maternal and paternal love and attention…

Several girls are molested and several boys are exposed to many plagues.

Alcohol, gangsterism, sex, drugs…

I strongly believe that Parents remain the best protectors of their children, especially before their adolescence. I work with many orphans and the parents should never remove themselves from their children’s lives especially in their elementary school years.

The number one wish of most orphans is that they want to be with their parents. Most of their sadness is the fact that they don’t have parents.

Let’s focus on our primary schools in the villages. Let’s give ALL children the chance to have a good basic education and upbringing! It is the very foundation of their entire education. Of their lives,

Mumzys Children Relief Foundation support 13 schools this year. We pay for the tuitions and for the teachers salaries. We’re constantly in need of your support to carry this school year 2022/23 to the end. Please if you can, donate to help us pay for our teachers. This year we have 30 teachers on our payroll.

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