Support our Health Campaign Mission 2022

health campaign 2022

Written by Albertine Scray

January 24, 2022

Please Support This Great Mission. Let’s make this HEALTH CAMPAIGN 2022 a successful one!

It’s on February 5th, 2022. We’re bringing a MOBILE HOSPITAL to our Rural Communities to treat the children and population of an area with 7 villages. Approximately 1200 people. Leaving in extreme poverty and dying from easily treatable diseases because there’s no medical center In those villages. (Also no clean water, no electricity. Most/All human basic needs are lacking)

We have started with these communities, amazing self-sustainable projects & we’re sponsoring and running many elementary schools. Unfortunately, Our projects are weakening because of the untreated diseases. So each year we bring doctors to them with our Mobile Hospital and it has been very helpful. We travel to the deep jungle with full medical equipment and tents that can be moved and settle in swiftly for a weekend. We provide medical services to all people for free. The cost of each patient at out health Campaign is $13 and we need everything that can be used in a Mobile Hospital. Equipment, tools and medicine. Please donate today. Thank you so much for any donation.

Our Address is: Mumzys Children Relief Foundation 114 E. Center St.Le Roy IL 61752 USA

To donate on our PayPal, GoFundMe, Cash app, Zelle.

Please click here:

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