Written by Albertine Scray

October 31, 2022

Yes!!! The remote rural village of Mang now ‘also’ has accessible unlimited water!! Wooohooo!!! 🙌🏽

  • No more walking for kilometers and hours just to find some water…
  • No more having to choose between getting water for the family or going to school in the morning…
  • No more stress in dry season because the traditional wells dry up…
  • No more contamination in the well and infecting the whole community with several ugly diseases…
  • Daily showers are finally possible…
  • Washing clothes can finally be done more often.

🎉Yes oooh Mang has a fancy, sturdy, beautiful Pump-well and from now on, finding water will no longer be a challenge in this village! We’re set! Woohoo!

5 years ago, Mang was a hopeless place, an extremely poor village in the middle of the jungle with nothing. No water, no electricity, no school (even though they have hundreds of children, no medical center, no roads or bridges.. Nothing!!

Today, Mang represents the proof that we can change lives with very little money & efforts. All we need is HUMAN KINDNESS.

Today the transformation is almost unbelievable! Mang has

  • A Pump-well with unlimited water,
  • A kindergarten & Elementary schools with a boarding school. Our school is by far the biggest of the whole region with hundreds of students.
  • Mang has a brand new & modern Medical Center and the road to go to Mang is finally being constructed (pictures soon) It won’t be paved but definitely a better dirt road!

We’re super GRATEFUL to our government representatives who have been working hand in hand with MumzyCRF to save our children and communities by realizing the huge projects that obviously were out of reach by our foundation.

Millions are being spent in Village Mang!!

I cannot believe how many new projects Mang has benefited from the government just in the last 18 months!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been listening to me! The government representatives of Nyakokombo are awesome!

Mr SousPrefet, Mr Mayor, His Honorable Our Deputy, etc..

Thank you Cameroon!!

Thanks for listening to my humble supplications and requests, for holding my hands, for getting my back! Together we’ll DEFINITELY eradicate extreme poverty and illiteracy!

We’re SUPER GRATEFUL for each of you, the DONORS of MumzyCRF! Your donations make all this possible! We’re changing lives, saving lives, giving HOPE to so many thanks to your generosity!

Not long ago the poorest village of the whole region of Nyakokombo, MANG is now the NUMBER ONE village of all!

If you don’t believe in miracles, follow our activities!!! You’ll change your mind!!

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