OPEN LETTER: To Whom it may Concern

Mumzy Open Letter - To Whom it may Concern

Written by Albertine Scray

August 5, 2022

FROM: Albertine F. Scray (Mumzy)
Mumzy’s Children Relief Foundation
IL501c#82-3385647, 114 East Center Street, Le Roy IL 61752

Date: 08/05/2022

TO: Whom it may Concern

Dear …

Could you please help MUMZYCRF get sponsored by one or several organizations in which board you seat or through your personal impact? We do amazing work on ground but it’s a shame that we’re still lacking the most basic human needs stuff because of lack of support and funding.

Allow me to introduce myself and the organization I represent.

I am Albertine Felicite Scray AKA Mumzy and I am the Founder and CEO of Mumzys Children Relief Foundation, a IL501C non-profit association.
I am originally from Cameroon Africa and since 1997, I permanently live here in the United States.
My organization provides help to impoverished communities serving children living in extreme poverty so that they can have access to basic education, clean water, safe shelters, medical help, and self-sustaining projects which empower them to get themselves out of poverty.
We serve in USA, Kenya and mostly in Cameroon.

Our recent accomplishments

  • Managed to put over 3,000+ impoverished children to school for year 2021-2022. If we don’t help these children – they stay illiterate.
  • Provided food, clothing and building materials to over a dozen orphanages.
  • Built or reopened and sponsored 13 schools for 32 villages – We have hired and currently paying for 30 teachers monthly salary. Average $80/month
  • Raised funding and provided hands on assistance to several mobile medical efforts (through ASCOVIME/Dr. Georges Bwelle – a CNN Top 10 Hero).
  • Paid tuitions in 12 orphanages (Cameroon & Kenya) and providing regular support for food and medicines.
  • OUR STAR PROJECT: Transforming the village of Mang. An extremely poor village where there was nothing functioning and no hope when we started in 2018. No school, no water, no medical center, no roads, no electricity.. Now we are finishing up the construction of a school and using to classrooms as we build (so far we have 150 students in that school),
  • A medical center is in construction almost finished,
  • The road is in construction (better dirt roads) ,
  • We finally have a manual pump well making water available to the villagers (we’re in the process of getting a solar pump and
  • The solar power is installation for the lights only is finished in one school. We’re planning to install the most basic solar energy in all our schools.
  • We also have several communities projects ongoing.
  • Mang is becoming a self sustaining village and the change is amazing! The hope is restored and kids can dream to become whatever they want when they grow up. The future will be very different from the past. We’re very proud of them! It takes us about 5 years to transform a village and to go to the next village.

Our next steps – by 2028:

  • Community: To transform extremely poor villages into self-sustaining economic communities.(community projects & mentoring..)
  • Education: To provide education for 10,000 children.

What we need to accomplish these steps:

  • Community: We are confident that, with $100,000 per village we could transform each into a self-sustainable community.
  • Education: We are seeking a tuition of $10/child/Year until the villagers can afford that minimum tuition.

Our aim is to send 10,000 children to school.

We can work directly with you to target specifics. Please know – your donations go far – changing lives and giving hope to thousands!

Our work/efforts can be verified and seen on my website where you can see pictures, videos and testimonials.I am also on various platforms on social media: LinkedIn, IG, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok…

My organization is unique in that it is small and very efficient & boots on ground in the communities where we’re serving. Most all the support received goes directly into the provision of help to those who desperately need it.

We keep you posted on the progress and our activities reach our goals.

Some of Our Partners & Donors

  • Ascovime
  • Sukhi222
  • Soroptimist International
  • Rotary International
  • The Anthony and Mary Ann Pasquinelli Family Foundation
  • J & M Schillinger Family Foundation among others.

My ask of you:

I am writing this letter to seek support from you.
Yours is a leading organization and providing good relations with the public is clearly one of the things your company values. Please put us in your list of non-profit charity service providers you support.

Could you please help MUMZYCRF get sponsored by one or several organizations in which board you seat or through your personal impact? We do amazing work on ground but it’s a shame that we’re still lacking the most basic human needs stuff because of lack of support and funding.

We would be so thankful if you would contribute to our education project. Every $10 pays for one child to go to school for one year and most children aren’t going to school because they can’t afford it.If you need additional information about our foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our contact information is as follows:

Mumzy’s Children Relief Foundation
114 East Center Street
Le Roy IL 61752

Tel: 1 (773) 459-0171


Albertine F. Scray (Mumzy)

Founder & CEO
Mumzy’s Children Relief Foundation
Tel : +1(773) 459-0171
+1(800) 484-6522

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