Found next to his Dead Mom in a Small Hut – Child Naming

Found next to his dead mom in a small hut child naming

Written by Albertine Scray

August 5, 2022

He was found in a little hut, seating near his dead mother.

His cries all day and all night are the reason that prompted people to look if everything was ok in the little shelter.

When they got into the hut, thank goodness he was alive. The mother died of malaria 1 or 2 days prior… We know that because of the medicines they found near her body.

He seemed to be about 18 months old. Didn’t speak yet. No papers were found in the hut. No birth certificate, no ID of his mother..

They brought him to our orphanage. Of course we immediately accepted him. But we had no idea about his name.

So as we do with the newborn babies that we receive or find, we named him.

Prior to my trip to Cameroon, I had a fun room on Clubhouse where we were suggesting names for him. Everyone who stopped by had a lovely name for him with an insightful reason why the name. It was heartwarming to see how many people already cared a lot about him.

Fast forward… I travelled and met him at the orphanage in Cameroon… HANDSOME baby!

Please watch the video here below to see the final steps of naming him.

From that now, “Ambassa Prospère Alexandre” is his name:
We’re going to call him Zander.

Welcome home my dear Zander and here at this orphanage, you will be loved always! We’ll take care of you and make sure that you get the chance to grow into a powerful man in society!

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