Take a wild Guess on Cost to Fix this School

Take a wild Guess on Cost to Fix this School

Written by Albertine Scray

August 7, 2022

Take a wild guess! How much do you think it’ll cost to fix this school? 119 students came to this classroom in 2021/22 to get elementary education. All 6 grades levels took their classes in this classroom.

Most of the schools in the rural villages where MumzyCRF serves are in this shape or worse. Some kids go to school Monday & Wednesday, others go Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is plantation day where they all do agriculture…

MumzyCRF brings more support to ensure that all children go to school 5 per week! Better Quality Education, Better Teachers, Better Infrastructures is desperately needed and our constant battle is to make sure to provide our biggest priorities to all our schools.

  • Our first priority is to find the teachers who are willing to relocate in the jungle and to teach 5 days a week for 9 months for an average salary of $80/month.
  • Our second priority is to register as many kids as possible, to convince parents to bring their kids to school no matter if they can afford tuition or not.
  • Our third priority is School supplies! We bring stuff from USA (backpacks, clothing..) and we buy students books and notebooks, teachers books and supplies, school uniforms, first aid medical kits..
  • Our Fourth priority is the roof of the classrooms. We fix the roof to protect children from the rain and the sun when school is in session.
  • Our Sixth priority is WATER & TOILETS. To make water available, to bring water filters for CLEANER WATER, to dig a well in each school, to build Toilets for every school.. (currently out of 13 schools, only ONE school has toilets and it’s the modern school that MumzyCRF is building in Mang)
  • Our wish this year is for a plate of FOOD at noon for our students to reduce hunger, for more energy and to increase regular attendance of our students.


The yearly registrations are ongoing for a limited time. Missing the datelines means that they’ll have to wait until next school year.

Please DONATE now and SHARE this fundraising with anyone who can spare $10 to help a child go to school this year.

Our Website: www.mumzycrf.org
Donation Links: www.linktr.ee/MumzysEarth
GoFundMe: $10 Tuition, 1 Child for 1 Year
Just Giving: School is $10/Child/Year

I’m travelling to Cameroon in a few weeks. Please follow my activities to see the miracles that we bring to those beautiful children and how we make EDUCATION accessible for them.

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